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  save up to 900% on your license with fairware
  Enjoy up to 9000% more powerfull applications
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Goal with StigaBlitter business specialized frameworks.
The goal is to eliminate the expensive development and maintenance costs of any visualization software used in your business, through easy education, our innovations and your knowledge creation. By using a mixture of base knowledge about your business needs together with a pre configured editor and display system that are specially designed for your company employees' skills and usage.
Check out the new Real Estate Broker presentation viewers.
The FairWare software license for each presentation device running this viewer software are only 10 Eur/year without Danish tax/moms
At these prices we can only rely on direct Internet B2B and e-mails etc. to compete these violent times. This direct approach is done instead of a 'golden' brochure with software packages to $1000+.
Watch YouTube view

Demo of Real Estate Viewer

  Real Estate application startup view

Fairware for everybody

  Watch E-learning

Manage your own Systems

Use the latest display technology advances from the StigaBlitter compiler to bring your business upfront visually and gain vital new ad attractions to your store/business at a price where outsourcing is no longer attractive!
With this software your are able move your pictures directly from your camera and store them in the program folder and within a minute of easy customizing you can run your program with all new sale projects and pictures we promise. Or imagine that your could offer your sellers  some software that replaces your "sales" signs and use their own PC and LCD screens to sell the property from their house windows.
What speaks for and against moving to this new visualization technology [pro et contra].
Business specialized multipurpose visualization software for your business needs alone.
Very cheap software license investment as no other licensed software is necessary to run this software.
Through simple education there is no expensive maintenance support necessary to operate at full efficiency
Works with any computer with any browser supporting Flash Player 10.1.xx
Communicates through safe and known Internet protocols XML, HTML, JAVA, PHP or your custom communication component
Software engine has been very thoroughly tested for bugs and failures at the development portal
You have to invest in some kind of monitors/LCD screens and computers for your outdoor windows, if not done already.
Need to tell your current software dealer that their products are too expensive to buy and maintain as future investmets.
Needs at least Flash player 10.1 to operate normally, standard on every computer these days.
And have to know about to enjoy all these benefits, please spread the word not the software.

Check the StigaBlitter development portal for hours of retro demo fun.
Please visit the development portal at for all the latest test software made with the StigaBlitter COMBAT compiler.


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